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Dinajpur Zilla Samity Registration # DHA 01950

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.For further information and any inconvenience please contact the following persons:

1. Engr. M. Riazul Islam Rizu              01711 531009

2. ATM Rafiqul Islam                             01713 002429

3. Lutful Kabir                                         01713 020365

4. Shahadat Zaman                                  01715 110779

5. Mohammad Nurun Nabi, FCA        01711 592863

Dinajpur Zilla Samity

Dinajpur Bhaban

Block # O House # 25

Nurjahan Road, Mohammadpur,

Dhaka 1207.

To contact us:

Phone:      8118273, 9139303

Fax:         9342162

E-mail: info@dinajpurzillasamity.org

Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain


Dinajpur Zilla Samity

3/18, Humayun Road,

Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207.

Phone: 9113282

Mobile: 01711530611

All the members of Dinajpur Zilla Samity are requested to complete and update their mailing addresses and phone numbers.


For any suggestion please feel free to communicate. Our contact address is given underneath